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sonoro has been designing and developing high-quality audio systems in Germany since 2006, delighting music lovers around the world. Sonoro combines German engineering and design expertise to make people happy and offer them an excellent audio experience.

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The challenge

In the fiercely competitive market, sonoro is experiencing high digitization pressure in order to keep up with major competitors such as Sonos. sonoro is developing into a provider of digitized hardware products and innovative digital services in order not only to be resistant to economic fluctuations with hybrid value creation, but also to leverage the high growth potential. An important prerequisite for this is to establish a development logic for digital products and services.

Medhi Chatti

Thanks for the support in realigning our innovation logic towards digital products and services

Our job

For Digital-Market-Fit the focus was on innovation potential in products and services. Based on the analysis of all available customer data, the first step was to identify room for potential in all participating departments. On this basis, we used an agile approach in co-creation with the team to develop and evaluate process optimization and value-add along the customer journey and prioritize according to customer benefit and business benefit. This resulted in a 3-year roadmap with milestones and an implementation plan to lay the foundation for digitization.

At the same time, the work resulted in a so-called playbook in order to be able to introduce the agile development path experienced by the team as a process in the company from the customer’s point of view. What do we learn along the way? Which skills do we want to develop additionally in the team? How can we take our people along with us?

This is what sonoro has achieved with Woodpecker Finch.

  • Exploration of all data potentials for digital expansion of the service portfolio.
  • Service design thinking method and lean canvas.
  • Elaborated Minimum Viable Products.
  • 3-year roadmap for implementation.
  • Innovation playbook for the development processes of digital products and services.


The team of Woodpecker Finch thanks for the trustful cooperation with the team of Sonoro.

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