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Successful entrepreneurs, digital natives and experienced consultants: Our team at Woodpecker Finch is as diverse as our clients. We have the right expertise for your business and would love work with you to develop pragmatic solutions that work.

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Verena Fink

Managing Partner

Artificial Intelligence expert and future optimist. Verena is the queen of Woodpecker questions and is into "just do it!"
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Brad Courtney

Digital Architecture

"No worries", our Australian thinks for himself and easily translates complicated technological requirements into code
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Stefanie Kormis

Digital Processes

Stefanie likes structure. She is in her element, simplifying and automating complex processes or structuring messy projects.
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Louisa Verch

Digital Business

The fabled customer whisperer guides organizations to a true customer focus
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Andreas Rosellen


Prize winner for Democracy and Tolerance. Our social scientist and expert in systemics develops organizations and people.
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Ute Soldierer

Moderation and coaching

Conductor for communication and collaboration. What do you want to convey and how can you inspire people with it? Ute wants to know!
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Prof. Dr. Christian Wissing

Business Model Innovation & Digital Services

Christian, the crazy professor loves digital business models: Software rules!
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Rita Graf

Change Management & agile Organisation

Capability development is what Rita loves doing with teams and those on the path to excellent organizations.
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Carola Schnarr

Project management and User Experience

Carola, storm-tested in agile project management, brings structure to digital projects and always travels with a pair of stylish rubber boots in her luggage.
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Katharina Sucker

Funding & Project Management

With rolled-up sleeves and an organisational magic wand, Kathi is our pragmatic enabler.
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Heike Michael


Queen of the accounting department. Heike tames our bag of flies with good humor and serenity.
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Marc Bartscht

Project Management & User Experience

Our platform friend Marc is a finder of the keys to success in digital projects
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Jens Gronek

Video Editing

Professional teen, social video magician and moving image manipulator with laughs guaranteed
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Mika Soldierer

Social Media & Digital Sales

Social media freak with a sense of mission and a talent for pragmatic solutions
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Dr. Markus Hellmann

Digital Legal Counsel

Markus stands for subtlety and builds watertight structures for digital projects and organizations
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