Digital Transformation & Digital Competitive Advantages

Digitale Transformation

Using digital market change for tomorrow’s sales

Digitalization is not an end in itself, but an auxiliary agent on the way to what’s relevant for your customers. In order to learn about the market effect the innovation has on your organization, we are happy to start work on your future purpose. We are interested in learning about your customers’ future expectations in your brand, your personal view on innovation and which added value your company can provide for which fields of competence. We are curious to find out which resources you can use – methodically and culturally – where your competitors are and how your employees feel about it. Based on Lean Startup approaches, we have developed this check which helps managers to holistically transform their organization. Working on the Digital USP helps transferring the potentials revealed into unique selling points, prioritizing approaches, applying them to your business and eventually implementing them.

Agile Development & Agile project management

Accelerate project success with agile teams

We offer agile change and training methods in order to make your team fit for the requirements of the digital world. On your way to an agile customer-oriented organization, not only will your company change, but also your employees and managers. The pressure of adjusting quickly and flexibly is increased, change becomes a winged word. The learning speed accelerates. New ways of collaboration are created that question common hierarchical structures and that ask new abilities from your employees. We focus on the support of developing an efficient and healthy work culture that takes value systems and the willingness to accept change into account. It doesn’t matter if it’s Scrum, Design Thinking, Design Sprint, Lean Startup or Business Model Canvas: man with his resources and potentials is the center of attention.

Innovation Hub & Growth Accelerator

Shorten time2market measurably

The Innovation Hub takes up project ideas and checks their effect, efficiency and implementability from the perspective of today’s and tomorrow’s customer. In close collaboration, we supervise the operative units through agile development cycles and make them ready for the market.

It is our aim to connect the project ideas with existing approaches and implement them successfully. With agile project structures and focusing on key functions that are evolutionarily developed on the basis of customer feedback, we accelerate the development speed (time2market). Based on the Y-combinator*-approach, the leading accelerator in Silicon Valley, we have enhanced this process in order to set start-up impulses that fit into the german business culture and are wildly accepted. It is our aim to identify the most innovative ideas of the company and to quickly test them on the market in a kind of creative breeder and to enhance them (rapid prototyping).

True Customer Focus

Sharpening added value from the customer’s point of view to the point of success

We make customer expectations transparent and go from there ‘from the customer backward’. As the value added consequently thought from a customer’s point of view forms the basis of economic success. Those who understand their customers and their environment and who use this knowledge in a value-added fashion are able to implement highly dynamic business models and the result will be the customer’s enthusiasm and long-term partnership. With the help of internal customer insight experts and data analysts we develop a vivid transparency culture from reporting silos that will make the customer’s heartbeat palpable. With real insights, development, marketing and distribution are turned into solution providers.

Business Optimizing Communications & Key Messages

Activate customers and employees with passion and storytelling

Communication is the mouthpiece and the super power of positive transformation. Its effect works on every aspect of the process. On the development of product ideas, addressing customer, team motivation, the presentation of new structures, ways and tools, the activation of potentials and the development of optimization approaches. It is the glue between the company and the customer. Whether it’s a text, picture, video, verbal or personal. Together with our customers, we optimize the ways of communication and work on key messaging activating employees and customers likewise.

AI for Customer Intelligence & Superpower

Using artificial intelligence for effective sales, marketing and service support

Using artificial neuronal nets and thus developing every contact point of our customers, we combine customer intelligence and customer development. Those who use Artificial Intelligence in a responsible way, gives his employees super powers. Individual customer consultations are digitally scaled and thus the conscious and unconscious customer insights are identified. A real-time prognosis based on AI results in best-value recommendations for the distribution.