With our digital consulting, we have already implemented hundreds of successful projects in large corporations and medium-sized companies. As digital consultants, love working with small and medium sized businesses (SME). Why? Because we are convinced that entrepreneurial thinking is sustainable and promising, because we like to face the challenge of economic solutions and scarce resources, and because we love projects with people who like what they do as much as we do. SMEs are our social backbone and we are proud to have been able to accompany the following companies a bit of their digital journey. We’re even more excited to add your logo here soon, too.


Admiration consists of surprise accompanied by some pleasure and a feeling of approval.

How we work for you as digital experts

Healthy society in healthy nature, that is close to our hearts. That’s why we are particularly pleased when we get to work for sustainable companies or sustainable projects. These are much more common in the SME sector than one might expect at first glance. Greenwashing? We know that almost only from large corporations. In many cases, medium-sized companies operate sustainably out of their own self-image. We would be happy to support your company in implementing digitization sustainably and making the resulting customer benefits tangible. Just a few examples where we have helped with sustainable digital solutions:


  • Durable quality products
  • Waste reduction in production
  • In partnership with stakeholders along the supply chain
  • Sustainability along the entire value chain
  • Ecological alternatives
  • Holistic view of people
  • Problem solutions for social challenges
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Energy transition

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