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The customer

Klosterfrau - Raising digital potential through digital customer focus

The Klosterfrau Healthcare Group is an international company, whose origins date back to 1826. At that time, the ‘Klosterfrau’ Maria Clementine Martin founded a small company in the immediate vicinity of the cathedral to produce her remedies. In this way, the ‘Klosterfrau’ wanted to share her rich knowledge of the healing powers of nature with all her fellow human beings. Creating health and well-being for people is and remains the ambitious goal of the activities of the Klosterfrau Healthcare Group.

The challenge

Due to the Corona pandemic, health, well-being and self-caring are trending and the dietary supplement-affine target group is growing. A healthy appearance complements and replaces beauty ideals. A strong immune system and physical fitness are the new relevant status symbols. Market analyses clearly show which product features and brands are successful with consumers and which are not. The Klosterfrau Healthcare Group has not yet been able to exploit this potential with its current portfolio and marketing approach. Together with Woodpecker Finch, the goal was to develop and introduce a new approach to product development and online marketing in the area of "daily nature".

In our joint marketing projects, Woodpecker Finch convinces with holistic entrepreneurial foresight, always keeping the end consumer activation in mind and providing great sparring.

Our job

To achieve sustainable success in the market, we developed the target image of a marketing platform that can launch new brands and products in the shortest possible time with the help of a customer-oriented innovation process. The first milestone of the project was the relaunch of the new brand "Daily Nature". We identified channel Amazon as the most suitable for developing new product concepts according to consumer needs and testing success with users, quickly learning from it and improving the product. Products that are successfully accepted by consumers there will then be transferred to other channels such as retail and pharmacy. The first step was to give the brand a home and bring consumers closer to the brand with the help of relevant value-added content. In the second step, consumers were made aware of the brand with the help of AMS marketing (campaigns optimized for generic and competitor-relevant keywords), and in the third step, customer reviews were generated. The final step was to increase visibility through coupons and sales promotions. We consistently followed the "test, learn, adapt" approach in order to learn from every reaction in terms of digital marketing.

This is what Klosterfrau has achieved with Woodpecker Finch.

  • Establishment of interdisciplinary project team
  • Activation strategy and brand building
  • Customer-focused development and launch of the new brand "Daily Nature"
  • New sales and marketing channel Amazon


The Woodpecker Finch team would like to thank the Klosterfrau team for their trustful cooperation.

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