*What does a sea lion actually have to do with customer service? The Galapagos sea lions are closely related to the Californian sea lions and differ mainly in body size and head shape. The males can grow up to 270 cm long and weigh in at a whopping 250 kg. However, what makes sea lions the ideal image for customer service is their curiosity and openness: they have no shyness towards humans or other animals and are extremely playful and trusting. Qualities that are more than promising for customer service.

We will be happy to work with you to determine how you can set up your customer service in this way.

Customer service

Digitization in customer service can do more than add complexity through new time-consuming communication channels. Customer requirements have grown by leaps and bounds. In the Internet age, your customers expect feedback sometimes in real time, but at least within a few hours.

This is a challenge for customer service, but it can also quickly become a significant competitive advantage. With smart customer segmentation, digital processes and individual service solutions, you can take advantage of the increased demands and automate parts of your customer service, precisely control quality and delight your customers.

Imagine if you could have 50% of customer inquiries answered directly by the customer themselves. Sounds exciting? Then we look forward to your project.

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Customer service

Time is the most important ingredient in the recipe of life.

Digital customer service: live chats and channel management

It is of fundamental importance for companies to further develop customer service and offer customers fast and convenient access options. Younger generations in particular are digital natives and accustomed to many communication channels. Live chats, social media channels, and messenger services offer the opportunity to communicate with customers in real time and quickly resolve concerns. But efficient self-service, where customers can find the information they need themselves, can also improve the customer experience. Talk to us!

The digital strategy is what counts

The goal of digitization in customer service: to improve the speed and quality of communication between your company and your customers. For customers, you should be easy and quick to reach. With our service solutions, you reduce the time spent on customer service and increase customer satisfaction at the same time. How we do it? With a well thought-out digital strategy and selected tools that are tailored precisely to your company.

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