Woodpecker Finch is your
implementation-oriented consulting company.

We support your digital transformation in the field of customer services by: developing digital market changes for you. Adjusting perspectives of marketing, service and distribution to the customer. Developing an agile business culture. Making a habit of innovation. Using Artificial Intelligence as a super power. Motivating teams by vividly changing their way of thinking.

Our aim: taking your potential to the streets.

Services – Your transformation consultants in digitalization

Digital Transformation &
Digital competitive advantage

Using digital market changes in an ideal way

Agile Development &
Team Building in the Changing Process

Accelerate project success with agile teams

Innovation Hub &
Growth accelerator

Shorten Time2market measurably

True Customer Insights &
Customer focus

Added value from the customer’s point of view

DIgital Purpose &
Key messages

Activate customers and employees with passion and storytelling

Artifical Intelligence for Customer Intelligence & Superpowers

Using artificial intelligence for effective sales, marketing and service support

Woodpecker Finch is called
Woodpecker Finch

The woodpecker finch is a species of bird occurring in the Galapagos Islands. This special bird does not accept the fact that its beak is too short to peck the best insects and grubs from hollow branches. It has learned to use cactus spines as a tool and now eats with ‘chopsticks’. Problem analyzed – daily routine optimized – solution found.


No Holy Shit - Köln

Customer Feedback

Oliver Burgdorf, Telekom
Vice President Germany
New Mobile Business,
Mobile Solutions and Digitalization
"Woodpecker Finch convinces with a profound knowledge and effective sales techniques in the field of AI."
Simon Haines, Mazda
Head of Future Sales
"Broad digital contribution and branding know-how."
Alexander Hally,
Klosterfrau Healthcare Group

Head of Strategic Partner Management
"During our joint projects, Woodpecker Finch convinced with their holistic entrepreneurial foresight, always keeping an eye on the activation of end-consumers and it all took place in the frame of a pleasant cultural sparring."
Armin Schwarz, GF Eon Energie
"During the transformation from service to contribution, the Woodpecker Finch team was always on the spot providing pragmatic and effective suggestions. Without their support, we would not have finished our project so quickly and in such a great way."
Ole Richert, K+S AG
Corporate Communications
"During the transformation from strategy to implementation, Woodpecker Finch supports you effectively."
Dr. Sven Rank, Audi AG
"Fascinating issues, sweeping hostings and the ability to think in visions."
Allianz Versicherungsschutz Timo Wörner, Allianz Generalagentur
Head of Digital Consulting
"A tremendous help with the improvement and emotionalization of customer contacts via new channels."
Heike Busse, E.ON
Head of Training & Wissen
"Woodpecker Finch convinces with a profound knowledge in the field of AI and effective sales techniques. And they are always amiable and solution-oriented."
Nicole Wohnhaas, Management Circle
Head of CCW
"Woodpecker Finch offers a broad network, broad business know-how – even of the most current topics – and captivating workshops of the topics of digital, AI, the future of service and customer centricity."
Thomas Braun, Marquardt Service GmbH
Vice President HR
"Ms. Fink convinces with a high degree of professionality and innovation and her positive charisma helps her to get through to people quickly. She is able to excite young executives as well as to support top managers on new ways."
Jan Meyer, E.ON
Head of Wärme
"Thank you for your sustainable support of the reorientation of our innovation processes towards more agility and flexibility. The intense executive coaching and the great support of our team development is taking root: the implementation of concepts into our corporate practice has proven to be effective!"
Christian Langkafel, Einstieg GmbH
Managing Director
"We are totally enthusiastic about the cooperation with Woodpecker Finch: It is engaging, creative, stimulating, sensitive and with much, much heart. That's why the sessions are not only fun, but also provide concrete and feasible recommendations for action that lead to very good results".
Gesa Twardy,
Moet Hennesy Deutschland GmbH

E-Retail Managerin
"Woodpecker Finch helps us to translate our brand strength into the digital world: the broad range of strong communication expertise, combined with sales focus and digital know-how makes them a valuable partner and consultant".
Sabrina Kuhner, Triaz GmbH
Department Head of Logistics
"Structure wins, especially when it's thought from the customer: That's typical Woodpecker Finch for me."
Frank Backowies,
Würzburger Versorgungs- und
Verkehrs GmbH

Division Manager Market Management 
"Verena Fink manages surprisingly quickly to find an overall goal that makes it easy to overcome divisions."
Judith Strücker, Agency Jugendstil
Head of Agency
"Woodpecker Finch always has a creative idea for a pragmatic way out of seemingly impossible knots."
Ralf Werner,
Merchandising Team K. Werner GmbH

Managing Director
"Woodpecker Finch is my idea of large group moderation with a guarantee of success."
Isabel Morgen, TeamCosmo
General Manager
"Woodpecker Finch solves in the system and builds bridges without fear of constructive confrontation."
Philipp Thöne, ontavio GmbH 
"I like the way Woodpecker Finch pragmatically connects and shares best practices in the context of COVID-19."
Thomas Sperrfechter, Parsionate
Founder & Managing Director
"Take people with you, otherwise the best strategy is useless: Verena communicates this through many credible examples."

Your Team

Professionals bundle know-how

Verena Fink

Managing Partner

Ronald Käding

Digital Sales

Lara Künstler

Digital Marketing

Oliver König

Project Management &
User Experience

Stefanie Kormis

Digital Processes

Brad Courtney

Digital Architecture

Filip Gutknecht-Stöhr

Business Innovation Asia

Sandra Hörmann

Change Management &
agile Organisation

Ute Soldierer

Moderation & Coaching

Mika Soldierer

Social Media &
Digital Youth Panel

Marija Breger

Communication Design

Tobias Hild

Media Design

Heike Michael

Office Management

Dr. Markus Hellmann

Digital Legal Counsel

Cornelis Gollhardt


Noah Schwartz

Artificial Intelligence /
Quorum AI

Jens Gronek

Social Video

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We are always happy to engage in conversation with ‘offenders by conviction’. The most important requirements are experience in the digital field, a passion for consulting and high quality standards.

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