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Digitalization is a market evolution that is full of opportunities for medium-sized companies and offers great levers that pay off quickly. Woodpecker Finch’s team consists of digital pioneers, experienced management consultants, purpose-driven founders and digital natives: a combination with track record to lead you and your company into the future with energy and purpose. We use digitalization to increase resilience, customer benefit and resource efficiency, because we believe in sustainable solutions.

We think ahead. We think economically. We convert. 

We not only want to develop innovative ideas with you, but also implement them effectively. Just give advice and that’s it? You’ll find that elsewhere. We lend a hand and accompany you into the sustainable digital future of your company.

We are particularly strong in the sustainable digitization of customer-facing areas:


However, our heart beats not only for digitization, but also for medium-sized businesses. This is where we are at home, where we know our way around and where we have a great deal of expertise that we are happy to apply to your projects and requirements. 

Get to know us and see for yourself whether we are the right fit for you.

Digitization as evolution

Do you know the brown-mantled oystercatcher? This bird not only has an extraordinary name. It is widespread far beyond the borders of Galapagos and yet, in the course of evolution, it has carved out a perfect niche for itself: its beak is not only purple, but also rock hard. This particular beak gives it distinct advantages over other birds when searching for food in its habitat. It’s the perfect tool for cracking shellfish and crustaceans and enjoying the delicious meat. Does your company already have a digital red beak?

We will help you transform your company to meet the challenges of digital evolution.

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Through funding programs, you can receive subsidies from the government for digital projects. Check now whether your company and your project are eligible for funding.
Woodpecker Finch

It is not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one that responds best to change.


Our successful projects are your benefit

We have already successfully implemented countless projects. Off-the-shelf solutions? You won’t find them with us, because our support is as individual as our customers’ companies. You can rely on our work being pragmatic, holistic and smart. So that we can work with you to implement sustainable solutions for your company.

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Löwen-manufactur (Wellness & Beauty)

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Sonoro (Audio)

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Waschbär (Online Retail)

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You want to get to know us! We are looking forward to meeting you!

Woodpecker Finch - a name with meaning

Woodpecker Finch is a bird that is exclusively native to the Galapagos Islands. There is probably no more beautiful place for birds to live. However, competition is fierce and the other bird species are equipped with much longer beaks. Woodpecker Finch has only a short beak. Thus, the best food is denied to him. However, we have not chosen this name by chance. Because even though the conditions for the Woodpecker Finch are not particularly rosy, it has prevailed. How? The way we make your company fit: By thinking around corners, by not giving up, by working hard, and by coming up with smart ideas.We’d be happy to give you an idea of what that might look like for your company in an initial meeting. By the way, the Woodpecker Finch uses special cactus spines to pick the best food out of hollow branches.


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