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Löwen-Manufactur - On the way to the digital world

Löwen-Manufactur emerged from Löwen Apotheke in Lübeck and now successfully sells oils with healing effects online. Deeply rooted in the 800-year history of the house and the wisdom of the pharmacist tradition in the 4th generation, the team is curious and open for new solutions to better serve their customers.


The challenge

The challenge as a traditional company in the pharmacy business was to find an answer to the high market pressure that makes business difficult for stationary pharmacies. How can new business areas be developed and marketed? Despite the spirit of innovation in management, the company was historically still strongly entrenched in the analog world. The desire was to compensate for the decline in the stationary business with new business and online growth. In focus: tourists and proud Lübeckers who trust their innovative pharmacist.

Woodpecker Finch impresses with in-depth knowledge in digital transformation with effective sales techniques.

Our job

The goal of the joint project was the strategic alignment of a new digital business model in order to become independent of the pharmacy business. Based on the new brand Löwen-Manufactur with oils, sprays, creams and nutrition, a multichannel health company was created. A company that is aware of its roots in the transformation, as it is oriented towards the original task of the pharmacist, who has developed his own formulas over centuries and passes on his extensive knowledge to the next generation. The uniqueness and quality of the Löwen-Manufactur products creates trust and is the basis for the competence center "Pharmacy of Natural Medicine". The implementation was about making the Löwen-Manufactur brand strong via the online store and, in parallel, developing the headquarters in Lübeck into a flagship store.

Working with the team, we linked the new vision with a "What’s in for us" of the team, jointly adjusted the process organization and accompanied the staff into their new role profiles.

This is what Löwen-Manufactur has achieved with Woodpecker Finch.

  • Development of a business strategy
  • Establishment of multi-channel business
  • Adaptation of the organization
  • Development of team roadmap
  • Get team buy-in


The team of Woodpecker Finch thanks for the trustful cooperation with the team of Löwen-Manufactur

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Double-digit sales growth online

Independent from the business stationary pharmacy