The customer


As a Purpose-driven company, the Waschbär mail order company stands for ESG goals. The company is committed to an economy that enables a good life for all stakeholders. According to their conviction, the economy is not an end in itself. People are not there for the economy, but the economy is there for the people. At Waschbär, the focus is on people. Together with its suppliers, the medium-sized company is committed to social working conditions.


The challenge

The company wanted the Waschbär brand mission to become a real experience in every customer contact. To achieve this, customers should be in customer service and accompanied into a lasting value-creating relationship. In the status quo, customer service functioned as a complaints office and problem solver with a high manual workload and sometimes high backlogs in processing. The employees did not feel that they were able to discuss at eye level with eco-socially interested customers who expected a more in-depth discussion.  

Woodpecker Finch has successfully and sustainably supported us on our way to digitalization, thank you very much!

Our job

Using the Waschbär mission as a point of orientation, we started working with the service team on a target picture to crystallize what added value Waschbär customer service can provide for the corporate goal in the future. In addition to the purpose of providing qualified advice that empowers customers to find sustainable solutions to their needs, this also involved economic criteria to strengthen competitiveness. Target indicators included customer value, first-time solution rate and customer satisfaction. Based on the target picture, we worked with the management team to develop the service strategy, from the range of services offered, to the organizational structure and process organization, to volume forecasting and workforce management, service provider selection and partial automation of repetitive manual processes such as complaint evaluation. While supporting the team, we further developed job profiles, simplified processes, and standardized recruitment, onboarding, and training.

This is what Waschbär has achieved with Woodpecker Finch.

  • Creation of a service target image
  • Derivation of a service strategy
  • Implementation of the service strategy in the organizational structure and process organization
  • Implementation of a service provider setup and control logic


The team of Woodpecker Finch thanks for the trustful cooperation with the team of Waschbär

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Employee satisfaction increased by 35%
new service providers on board

Roadmap implemented in time