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DIGITAL HEALTH NEEDS STORYTELLING – A column by Verena Fink in DUP Entrepreneur Magazine

I met quite a few utopians at the recent Health-i Awards ceremony in Berlin – a welcome change to talk to people who believe in modern medicine.   We are all challenged when it comes to communication: How do I personally benefit from the electronic patient file, for example?   At the event, I listened enthusiastically to founding teams that are developing new solutions to advance prevention and humanity with the help of digital technology. Start-ups that develop people-friendly images of algorithms that evaluate data to save lives, safeguard health or relieve nursing staff. Beyond such events, unfortunately, I am seeing a lot of digital health communication talking about the risks before it is clear what the benefits of the digital solution are. The media discussion is dominated by horror stories of nursing homes in which elderly people are left alone with robots. When we’re not conjuring up the Terminator, we like to vent about data protection risks or doubt

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