Cornelis Gollhardt

Cornelis Gollhardt


Cornelis is the one to create our subjects for photographs, capturing moments in pictures that have an effect on the beholder. He finds the sensational aspect of a common matter. Turning a the documentation for a conference into a poster campaign is no big deal for him. He has a keen eye for the needs of corporate picture worlds, be it a business report or a homepage as a digital shop window. As for portrait shootings, he will capture his subject’s best expression. From the loud bang of digital strategy up to the elaborate shades in the area of change consulting, Cornelis expresses atmospheres in his pictures.

It’s not for nothing that the list of his renowned work partners is long: ADACDHLTÜV Rheinland, EA Electronic ArtsGruner + JahrE.ON , HRSRandom HouseWDR, to mention only a few.

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Cornelis Gollhardt


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