Category: Digitalisation

Intelligent Domesticity: Smart Home of the 50s

Digitization raises concerns: How will our daily life change? How will smart home support us in future? How does our social life change when our walls become screens? What price will we pay as transparent citizens? The Smart Home is invisible The internet of things and especially the intelligent home we can experience in the…
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New jobs in the connection economy

What will we do if 60% of our jobs were done by machines as the scientists predict? Will we also loose our jobs like radiologists, travel agents, lawyers and local shopkeepers? This question I am asked regularly when talking about AI. I actually like Seth Godin’s view on this, looking back at the last century…
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Looking Back at CCW 2016: Digital Transformation

It is astounding to see how slowly many companies move in Germany. Verena Fink hosted the topic „Digitalization“ at the CCW Congress 2016